Test Prep Resources

Use this list of resources to help prepare you for your upcoming certification test.

Pre-Admission Content Test

A Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT) can be used to obtain admission into an Educator Preparation Program (EPP). Tests taken through the PACT route are the same tests used for certification.

240 Tutoring

240Tutoring is an online TExES preparation resource that can assess an individual’s knowledge and help direct studying. 240 Tutoring provides in-depth instructional content and interactive practice questions that allow individuals to understand concepts on the test and how the concepts are applied.

TExES Practice Exam Products

Certify Teacher offers test preparation software products for educator certification. As a show of gratitude to our Troops to Teachers participants for their service to our country, they are offering a special discount of $12 off any of their products for any delivery format– online, download, or CD-ROM. The military promo code is MILZUS2020

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