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Phone: 512-919-5484
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Join monthly live video briefings hosted by Texas Troops to Teachers. Ask questions and learn more about the various certification programs and licensing requirements within the state.

Click here to RSVP for the next briefing. View our calendar to see when the next video will briefing will be. Contact the grantee office for more information.

Ronald Holmes, M.Ed.

Program Coordinator 512-919-5477

Matt Morgan

Program Assistant 512-919-5473

Sherry Harris

Education Specialist    512-919-5484

Field Recruiters

Rick Stevens

TTT Recruiter, East Texas Area

Christene Nemetsky

TTT Recruiter, West Texas Area

Don King

TTT Recruiter, El Paso Area

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We are here to provide you with guidance on how to meet state teaching certification requirements, choosing a certification program, and connecting you with hiring officials.
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