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Reciprocity is the process through which a person with an out-of-state or out-of-country teaching certificate receives certification to teach in Texas. This process is under the control of the Texas Education Agency. Individuals with a standard (unconditional) certificate initiate the process by going online to the TEA website above.

The four steps to reciprocity in Texas are outlined below.

Step one: (Review of Credentials) To begin the process, you will go onto the TEA website listed above and fFollow the directions to register online and initiate the review of credentials. You will pay $180 online, and will be asked to submit your certificate and transcripts to TEA for Review of Credentials.

Step two: (One Year Certificate) After TEA reviews your credentials, they will mail you back instructions as to what certificate(s) in Texas you may seek, based on your existing credential. You then go back on line to request a One-Year Certificate in any or all of the certificate areas listed by SBEC on your review (Cost $52). While you hold the One-Year Certificate, you may be hired and teach in Texas, just like any other certified teacher. The online process will ask you to select an ISSUE DATE for your One Year Certificate. Avoid selecting a date during the school year, since this certificate will expire 12 months from the date of issuance. (If you were teaching at that time, you might lose your job when the One Year Certificate expired.) A typical good choice would be the middle of August, since schools start toward the end of August, and your certificate would be valid for the entire school year. You cannot renew this certificate.

Step three: (Testing) During the 12 months after your One Year Certificate has been issued, you need to pass the certification tests that were required by TEA on your Review of Credentials. Usually this means that you need to take one Professional Practices (PPR exam) and the matching content area test. Later on, if you want to add additional certifications, you only need to pass the content area tests. Generally each test costs $120.

Step four: (Issue Standard Certificate) When all tests have been passed, you need to request your Standard Certificate online at the TEA website. This certificate costs around $77.

Fingerprinting: Prior to being issued the One Year Certificate, each person must submit to a federal fingerprint test and undergo a criminal records check. Fingerprinting can be done on paper format or (preferably) in electronic format and costs approximately $47. Directions are on the TEA website.

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