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Posted on February 16, 2015

If you have completed a bachelor's degree, but have never held a standard teaching certificate:

You will need to complete a state approved Texas teacher certification program. This can be accomplished by participation in any of the types of programs listed below:
  1. Alternative Teacher Certification Programs (ACP) ... learn more
  2. Post Baccalaureate Programs   ... learn more
  3. Master's and Certification Programs   ... learn more

If you do not yet hold a bachelor's degree:

You will need to complete a Bachelor's degree in order to become a teacher. You may wish to complete the degree and teacher certification together in a college of education at a Texas university or college. Or you may choose to complete a degree and then achieve the certification later through a university post-baccalaureate or masters program or through an alternative certification program. Learn more...

If you currently hold or previously held a standard out-of-state or out-of-country teacher certification:

Reciprocity is the process through which a person with an out-of-state or out-of-country teaching certificate receives certification to teach in Texas. This process is under the control of the Texas Education Agency. Individuals with a standard (unconditional) certificate initiate the process by going online to the TEA website above. Learn more...

To initiate the process on-line, go to the Texas Education Agency website:

Click here to Contact Educator Certification at TEA.

Other Routes to Certification:

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Certification Procedures:

Many servicemembers leave the military with advanced technical skills in areas where the public schools offer career and technical education to their students. The process for certification in a CTE area is very different from standard subject area certification and can sometimes be accomplished even without a bachelor's degree. ... learn more


Texas Approved Teacher Certification Subject Areas:

Teacher certifications in Texas, as established by the State Board for Educator Certification - SBEC are based primarily on five certification levels. ... learn more

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