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"Becoming a teacher in Texas is a process that will differ from person to person, depending upon many variables.  In this website, we try to describe the main Routes to Certification and encourage you to contact our office for more information on your specific situation."

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Texas Troops to Teachers

If you have completed a bachelor's degree, but have never held a standard teaching certificate:

You will need to complete a state approved Texas teacher certification program. This can be accomplished by participation in any of the types of programs listed below:

  1. Alternative Teacher Certification Programs (ACP) ... learn more
  2. Post Baccalaureate Programs   ... learn more
  3. Master's and Certification Programs   ... learn more

If you do not yet hold a bachelor's degree:

You will need to complete a Bachelor's degree in order to become a teacher. You may wish to complete the degree and teacher certification together in a college of education at a Texas university or college. Or you may choose to complete a degree and then achieve the certification later through a university post-baccalaureate or masters program or through an alternative certification program. Learn more...

If you currently hold or previously held a standard out-of-state or out-of-country teacher certification (Reciprocity Process):

Reciprocity is the process through which a person with an out-of-state or out-of-country teaching certificate receives certification to teach in Texas. This process is under the control of the Texas Education Agency. Individuals with a standard (unconditional) certificate initiate the process by going online to the TEA website above. Learn more...

To initiate the process on-line, go to the Texas Education Agency website.


Other Routes to Certification:

Vocational Certification Procedures:

Many servicemembers leave the military with advanced technical skills in areas where the public schools offer vocational education to their students. The process for certification in a vocational area is very different from standard subject area certification and can sometimes be accomplished even without a bachelor's degree. ... learn more

Texas Approved Teacher Certification Subject Areas:

Teacher certifications in Texas, as established by the State Board for Educator Certification - SBEC are based primarily on five certification levels. ... learn more



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