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All positions listed herein are provided by the individual schools or districts under which they appear. The "posted" date indicates the day on which any listings are posted to the Texas Troops to Teachers web site. Please contact each school/district directly to get closing information for each posting.

Prime Prep Academy Charter Schools of Dallas and Fort Worth has positions available.
Please click here to visit their employment web page.

Prime Prep Academy of Dallas
330 E Ann Arbor Ave
Dallas, TX 75216
214-473-5504, Ext 201

Prime Prep Academy of Fort Worth
613 Griggs Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76103
214-473-5504, Ext 101

Posted on April 14, 2014

Lamar CISD Teacher Job Fair

Saturday, April 26, 2014
9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
Foster High School
4400 FM 723, Richmond, TX 77406

See flyer for more information.

Posted on April 9, 2014



Posted on April 8, 2014

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Pro-Vision, Inc. Academy in Houston, Texas is looking for a teacher.

for more information, please visit their web site at:


Posted on April 4, 2014

Linden-Kildare ISD is in need of two (2) Math teachers and a Spanish teacher.

To apply, visit the Region VIII ESC Consortium employment web pages at:


Posted on April 4, 2014

San Felipe-Del Rio Consolidated Independent School District has the following openings:

San Felipe-Del Rio Consolidated Independent School District
Patricia McNamara, Ed. D., Chief HR and Instructional Officer
P.O. Drawer 428002
Del Rio, Texas 78842
Telephone: 830-778-4045
Fax: 830-774-9893


 Del Rio High School Math Teacher (ACAP)
Math Teacher (Pre-Cal) - Effective 2014-2015 School Year (SY)
Mathematics Teacher
English - Practial Writing Teacher
AF JROTC Instructor - Teacher - Effective 2014-2015 SY
Science (Physics) Teacher - Effective 2014-2015 SY
Student and Guidance Learning Center  social Studies Teacher (SGLC)
English Teacher (SGLC)
 Del Rio Freshman School English Language Arts Teacher
English Teacher
Math Teacher - Effective 2014-2015 SY
CTE Law Enforceent Teacher
CTE Media Technology Teacher - Effective 2014-2015 SY
 Del Rio Middle School ELA 8th Grade Teacher
Seventh Grade ESL/ELA Teacher
Seventh Grade Science Teacher - Effective 2014-2015 SY
Art Teacher - Effective 2014-2015 SY
Seventh Grade Social Studies Teacher
Music (Choir) Teacher - Effective 2014-2015 SY
 San Felipe Memorial Middle School  
ESL English Teacher - Effective 2014-2015 SY
Counselor - Effective 2014-2015 SY
Science Teacher (2 needed)
Mathematics Teacher - Effective 2014-2015 SY
English Teacher - Effective 2014-2015 SY
 Buena Vista Elementary School Fifth Grade Bilingual Teacher
Fifth Grade Teacher
 Garfield Elementary School Art Teacher - Effective 2014-2015 SY
First Grade Teacher (2 needed) - Effective 2014-2015 SY
 Irene Cardwell Head Start School Pre-Kindergarten Bilingual Teacher 
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher (2 needed)
Lamar Music Teacher - Effective 2014-2015 SY
Second Grade Teacher - Effective 2014-2015 SY
Third Grade Teacher - Effective 2014-2015 SY
Lonnie Green Fourth Grade Bilingual Teacher - Effective 2014-2015 SY
Kindergarten Teacher - Effective 2014-2015 SY
 North Heights Elementary School Fifth Grade Teachers (2)
Special Education (Life Skills) Teacher
 Campus to be determined. (Secondary) Music Teacher (Assistant Band Director)

To apply please go to our website at: www.sfdr-cisd.org

Place cursor over the Employment tab
Click on Career Opportunities tab, then click on "Postings and Open Positions"
Click on Elementary School Staff to view Elementary Teacher vacancies
Click on Middle School Staff to view Middle School Teacher vacancies
Click on High School Staff to view High School Teacher vacancies.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Patricia McNamara, Chief Human Resources and Instructional Officer at 830-778-4045 or patricia.mcnamara@sfdr-cisd.org

Updated on April 8, 2014

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Job & Resume Posting at Texas Regional Service Centers

The following are links to the Personnel Service Cooperatives of Regional Service Centers. Districts post their vacancies on the sites. In several of these sites, you can also post a resume on line which will be sent to districts throughout the region when they have a vacancy.


Teaching Jobs in Texas

Texas Association of School Personnel Administrators (TASPA) is a professional association primarily made up of Texas public school human resources (HR) administrators and support staff. 

Texas Charter Schools Association (TCSA) has a on which they frequently post their job vacancies. click here for the TCSA JOB BOARD.

Texas Classroom Teachers Association (TCTA) has compiled an excellent list of links for teaching positions in Texas.

Texas Workforce Commission also offers a job board for educators at their Work in Texas web pages. Click here to view listings.


JROTC Information


National Educator Job Sites

These sites allow individuals seeking jobs to post resumes free of charge and/or to see or be notified of vacancies posted by districts across the nation. Districts must pay a fee for this service, but participants do not pay anything.


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Job Hunting Hints & Tips

I'm in a certification program, what now?

Once you have passed your content exams, and are enrolled in a Texas certification program, you are considered "highly qualified" and can begin the process of applying for teaching jobs.

I'm highly qualified under NCLB, what now?

  1. Once you are highly qualified under NCLB, you are eligible for employment and can start looking for a job. Hiring is done through the district human resources office. Districts usually select candidates for a vacancy from applications already on file.
  2. Since each district may have a different process for applying for a teaching position in their district, check the district's web site where you'd be interested in working (Click here for a list of school district web sites and information).
  3. Apply, using the process prescribed by the school district; online application, mail in resume and cover letter, and any additional credentials that may be required at the time of the application.
  4. Check back often, and keep your resume updated.


In the case where there are no openings in your desired district, there are other avenues that you may take to build a network for future employment:

  1. Apply to become a substitute teacher
  2. Offer help with homework/tutoring students
  3. Volunteer for school mentoring programs
  4. Design & distribute business cards that introduce you as an educator; ie. contact information, certification areas of interest, etc. Carry them everywhere, at all times!
  5. Network, network, network!


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