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9: San Antonio Job Fair
14: Fort Hood TASC
15: Fort Hood Job Fair


6: Fort Hood
7: Lackland AFB
11: Fort Hood


10-14: Closed for Spring Break


8: Fort Hood


8: San Antonio Job Fair
9: Lackland AFB
13: Fort Hood
14: Fort Bliss Job Fair
Fort Sam Houston


10: Fort Hood
Fort Hood Mega Job Fair
20: Randolph AFB, College Job Fair
Dyess AFB


17: Recruit Military Job Fair
23: Sheppard AFB


7: Fort Hood
8: Lackland AFB
22: Fort Sam Houston
27: Fort Worth JRB


6: Fort Worth, NRS-JRB
9: Fort Hood
18: Fort Sam Houston
27: FSH - RAD


11: Ellington Field JRB - RAD 2014
Fort Hood
16: Fort Sam Houston
22: University of Houston-Clear Lake-VSO


6: Fort Hood
7: Fort Sam Houston
11: Happy Veterans Day!
Fort Sam Houston
14: Lackland AFB
18: Fort Hood
Fort Hood


9: Fort Hood
11: Fort Sam Houston
11: Lackland AFB

Texas Troops to Teachers (TTT) is a federally funded program designed to assist retiring and separating military veterans to become teachers in their next careers. Since its beginning in November 1995, the Texas Troops to Teachers Office has counseled over 21,000 veterans, advising them on routes and programs to achieve full teacher certification in Texas, and referring them to districts for employment. Texas leads the nation in the number of veterans who have become teachers, with over 2,000 hired since 1995.

Nationally, the Troops to Teachers Program is funded by the federal Department of Defense, but is managed by the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) office in Pensacola, Florida. The DANTES office manages the registration of TTT participants, distributes all funding, and maintains contact with TTT participants who have received financial benefits.

At the state level, the Texas Troops to Teachers Office provides information and guidance to participants on all aspects of teacher certification. Texas TTT works with teacher certification programs to assist our participants in selecting the program that will work best for their certification process. We actively market the TTT program to all university and alternative certification programs, and provide funding to eligible participants to help pay for their certification programs and incentive bonuses for those who teach at high-needs schools. The Texas TTT office works closely with military installations to be sure that all eligible veterans who want to become teachers are aware of the benefits available from TTT. All service members and veterans, whether they qualify for funding from TTT or not, are encouraged to contact the Texas TTT office for information and assistance in becoming teachers in Texas.

To register for the Troops to Teachers program, click here.

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Troops to Teachers Honor Roll

This section is dedicated to the men and women of Texas Troops to Teachers who have given of themselves and are "Proud to Serve Again!"

They have received recognition in one way or another and hold a special place on our TTT Honor Roll page.


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Troops to Teachers Music Video

Thanks to country music singer/songwriter, Thom Shepherd, for his talent and support of our troops. Thom wrote and recorded a song for Troops to Teachers, which we are proud to share in this music video.


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