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Veterans Portrait Project

The Veterans Portrait Project by Stacy Pearsall
began while Stacy Pearsall recovered from combat injuries sustained in Iraq. Spending hours in VA waiting rooms surrounded by veterans from every generation and branch of service, Pearsall was compelled to honor and thank them in the only way she knows how, photography. The Veterans Portrait Project totals 3,000 veterans and grows daily. to learn more about this project, visit the web site at:

Don King, TTT Recruiter, El Paso area


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Peace has eluded retired Air Force Maj. Jeff Shelton for the better part of two decades.

Every time he parachuted into enemy territory, every time he held a dying friend in the back of a helicopter, every time he watched a child collapse from grave injuries, peace for Shelton seemed to slip farther and farther away.


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Recent Development Regarding Testing

House Bill 2205, signed by Governor Abbott, and effective September 1, 2015, limits the number of times a candidate may take an exam:

"A person may not retake an examination more than four times … a person who initially took an examination before September 1, 2015, may retake the examination up to four times after that date, regardless of the number of times that the person attempted to perform satisfactorily on the examination before that date."

It is important that you prepare for the exam BEFORE taking it.
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